At Studio En we are committed to bringing you a great teaching experience. Our international instructors have a range of experience and qualifications and studied at many reputable schools around the world. Each instructor brings their own unique style to their classes but each is underpinned by a common thread of quality, commitment and dedication.

I started practicing yoga in Australia. As my practice became more and more habitual, I noticed many changes in both my body and mind.
I am Reiko Sasaki, a yoga and Yamuna® instructor. Yoga for me is a way to understand how my body is feeling and a stabiliser for my mind.
My yoga journey started in 2015 while I was working as a divemaster in Okinawa, Japan. Endless lifting of scuba tanks made me suffer with serious back pain. At that moment I discovered Ashtanga yoga which brought me strength and flexibility through the practice.
Practicing yoga has taught me self-love. I accept myself no matter what I am. I hope that one hour of yoga practice will become a precious time for you in your busy days.
I first began a consistent yoga practice after returning to Australia from travelling and living abroad. I teach a rhythmic and embodied style of vinyasa flow, deeply restorative and meditative yin as well as a fusion of the two. I have also trained and practice as a Sound of Being™️(Sound Healing) Facilitator which I weave throughout my yoga classes.
Hi, my name is Yui! This is my 4th season in Niseko. I teach yoga here and am also a snowboard instructor and massage therapist. I completed my 200-hour teacher training in India.
Working with massage since 2003, anatomy and physiology have always fascinated me. I wanted to learn how to offer this magic to others and so I travelled to India in 2010 to formally train in yoga. Since then, I have been teaching traditional hatha, restorative and yin yoga, asana, pranayama, and yoga nidra.
Welcome! Having enjoyed practising yoga for many years, I was inspired to become a yoga teacher as I found it meaningful to be able to share my knowledge and experience, and guide others. I am also grateful for many wise and nurturing teachers and mentors I've met along the way. As a sports lover, I was initially drawn to the physical aspects of yoga and the awareness and control of our bodies that it encourages. Through the different experiences and teacher training that I embarked on, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about yoga, which has helped expand my world and life views. Encouraging and helping me to connect better with myself.

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